Why We Believe It’s Lexington’s Best Alzheimer’s Care.

Our caregivers have been with us for 12yrs. 15yrs. 18yrs. This level of dedication to the individual with Alzheimer’s is our Uncommon Care.

People sparkle here.

At The Breckinridge, our staff have worked here for years and years. Because of that dedication, the residents truly feel the love and care. It’s family here. Period.

Your family gets support and education.

At any moment we’ll be there for your phone call. We’re partners in care with you.

We all pitch in to help each other.

“It’s a gift working here. The Breckinridge is my second home.”

We see the individual not the disease.

Your very special person is just that, a special person. Their individuality serves as a distinguishing guide for us throughout their care.

Uncommon Programs.
Quality Experiences.

Enjoying our great outdoors and activities.

Cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables like home.

Connecting and engaging with our residents.

Spending time together.

Personalized Care is the best to engage with someone. We have the size and the skill to do that.

Thoughtful, Consistent Care.

The path of dementia varies in everyone. A level of care which is right for one person, might infringe upon the independence of another. We tailor our care based on the individual needs of each of our residents.

Only 24 Residents.

Our size gives us a great advantage. Our Caregivers eat meals with residents. They do well, seeing the same familiar faces.

No hidden, sudden surcharges.

Look closely at The Breckinridge. There are no undisclosed or extra fees due to changes in the care of the resident. Our care surpasses all other facilities because our residents become family here. We see an individual, not the disease.

Outside is important.

Lexington’s largest secure outdoor yard. It’s really park-like. And residents can safely go outside when they want to enjoy it.

Leona’s Smile

A smile that has captivated all of us.

We found out why. Because throughout Leona’s life she has been a giver.

She actively helped many families in her church.

For years she enjoyed singing in the choir.

Leona’s smile mirrors a spirit in her heart that is so loving.

We see it when our eyes meet hers. We’re honored to care for her.

Meet Dwayne

Dwayne always looked at how he could improve the world around him.

He enjoys anything mechanical. With his hands he built two airplanes. One of his creations is in an airplane museum in Texas.

You can also be sure that he’ll be an active participant for any activity. Dwayne teaches us to be front and center in life.

Each day at The Breckinridge we ask each other “how can we improve the lives of those in our care?” When we do, the spirit of all of our lives improves.

The Breckinridge’s Natural Setting Will Lift Your Spirits